December 21, 2008

Little Pink Riding Hood

Mr. Santos went for a drive in the snow - always looking to "conquer" something. Sophia and Noah would not be left behind when there were adventures to be had. So, it was just Me and my Naomi at home. She spent quite a while outside alone. In the quiet snow it was just her and the birds and the crunch of her boots as she made trails. I watched through the window while I wrapped in wax paper some treats that I whipped up for the neighbors. (whew- how bout them w's)

Then, I asked her to go and deliver them to our neighbors. (of course she would be within sight the whole time) She was so excited to do such a big girl thing all by herself.

Doesn't she look so small walking all by herself to make her deliveries?

Naomi was jumping up and down when the family came home. "Guess what I did, Guess what I did! - and all by myself!" She's still glowing from the pleasure of it. It doesn't take much to make her happy.


  1. Good job little Naomi. You are so big and responsible too! The snow sure does crunch crunch under your feet. Love you. Auntie Cheri

  2. Maybe one day momma will let me deliver some goodies to you!


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