December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve

The house is clean, the christmas cards have been mailed (albeit a little late) the table is laid out with snack-all-day foods.

A couple plates of Christmas cookies (peanut butter and strawberry shortbread)
A crystal platter with dried fruits and raw nuts
A bowl of peeled pop-in-your-mouth satsuma oranges
A tiny dish of little candies left over from the gingerbread houses
A small cheese platter

There are tamales and pupusas for warming for dinner - easy.

Hopefully the weather won't keep us from church tonight...and friends have invited us over for Christmas dinner tomorrow. We are truly blessed. We even have a box full of presents for the children hiding under my bed...God is so good to us.

I pray that you are full of joy and Peace. I was just thinking about how when Jesus came the angels announced "Peace, good will toward men". How amazing that God has good will towards us...we look around at the rushing or the loneliness of those around us...maybe our own hearts are full of loneliness or fear or anger...God's will is good towards you. He wants Peace for you. That is why He came. That is why we celebrate.

Peace, Good will towards you, Merry Christmas!

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