December 13, 2008

All I want for Christmas....

I already have.

We've heard and we say "I want my kids to have all the things that I never had growing up." Wow - This hit me big today. I said it to myself, I prayed it and I now see what a blessing it is to be at home with my family. There are times when worry (mostly comparing myself to others) sets in.

With two kids reading and one well on his way to reading I get a little overwhelmed. Now what? Now what do we study? What curriculum? What kinds of lessons should we do? Will they be smart enough? Will the new administration take my kids away like they are doing in Germany - forcing public school on us? Today it hit me that through homeschooling, I CAN give my kids all the things I never had growing up.

With homeschooling I can give them MEMORIES WITH ME. My own mother worked so hard and so often that she isn't even IN most of my childhood memories. (This is not a criticism of her - but a comment of how thankful I am for the opportunity to stay home with my own). I remember classes and teachers and experiencing things I wish I had never experienced - but getting along with my sisters? working with my sisters or my mother? - no - very few memories of that.

I don't want my children to struggle with pride or selfishness or being easily provoked like Mr. Santos and I do. I want them to know how to handle criticism and even hatred by others - basically TO LOVE THEIR NEIGHBOR AS THEMSELVES. This is something they can learn and practice on a daily basis because they are home schooled.

I can give them a FOUNDATION of Biblical knowledge that I never had growing up. Sometimes Sophia will sigh and ask "Why do we always have to find out what the Bible says about it?" I can answer her like Paul tells Timothy because, "from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus."

What about HOSPITALITY? I was so impressed the other day when a young newlywed couple invited our family (basically strangers to them) over for dinner. It was not a burden or stressful thing at all for them to have a family of five over to their house. It was nothing to cater to children even though they had none. Even knowing what to talk about with strangers was a skill I wanted for my children. The cleanup was a breeze - not a thing to sigh over and keep them from inviting another family over the next week.

The things we want for our children cannot be bought at the mall. They cannot be wrapped up and put under the tree. They have to be lived out and seen day in and day out. We can only give it to them if we spend time with them. So, thank God, we have the privilege to home school and we have God's Word and we have a hardworking, sacrificial Mr. Santos to provide for us.

The next time I am dealing with bickering children, or selfish children, or big messes I hope to remember this: My children are receiving what I never had growing up - training in righteousness.


  1. An excellent post Laura. I've been reflecting on the verse about how Jesus came to bring us LIFE and abundant life at that. My life just wouldn't be full if I didn't have those that I love!

  2. Thank you Mampua for visiting our blog (smiles) It sure sounds yummy over at your place lately.


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