November 24, 2008

Another special Noah moment...

My four year old, Noah, was jumping on the couch.
"No Way Jose!" I said to him.
I lifted him off to carry him to his room. He put his arms around my neck and his legs around my waist and we snuggled a little as we walked down the hall.

"I love you, Noah."
"I love you too mom." Snuggle Snuggle. "But, please call me Bruce Lee."

Quickly Noah scrambled out of my arms and proceeded to "HIYAH!" all the way to bed.

What a boy.


  1. what has that boy been watching? Haha ha he he.....

    How are ya my friend? Love ya

  2. Tell me about it! - He's one of his daddy's hero's. I am good my friend and I love ya too. :)

  3. LOLOLOLOL. This made me laugh so hard. I love it when you include these type of things. They make me feel closer to my nieces and nephew...even if they don't know it. Love you. Lisa


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