October 31, 2008

A Tribute

She listened long and thoughtfully when I had problems to pour out. She never criticized me. She laughed at me or with me when I was being too serious or dramatic. She let me live with her during my tempestuous twenties. She fed me when I was broke. She counseled me when I was scared and lonely or confused. She let me "teach" her when I had all the answers. She hosted holidays at her house. She reached out to her neighbors and to my friends. She gave gifts to my children and treated them like her own. She was happy with my happiness and sad when I was sad. She was gentle. She was a cheerleader - for us all. She loved my husband with kindess and respect. She was faithful to our Lord. She was my Auntie Nina.


  1. thank you for this, laura. Love you

  2. I just came across this. I love hearing what she was to other people! : )


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