August 08, 2008

Summertime at Home Sweet Home

So, how has your Summer been so far? Has it been as restful as ours? Normally, we spend most of our Summer at the beach or the lake or the river or SOMEWHERE. But with the latest belt tightening days in the Santos family we have chosen to stay home. Little did we know that a couple of months into the Summer we would be so relaxed and enjoying our time together. Staying home really is such a pleasure.

Endless Rock Painting to line the garden boxes.

Sprinkler fun on a hot day.

Making Bread and other treats.

Dress up and play acting with buddies. Noah was a sharp-shooting fireman. Go figure.

Thrift Shopping! My new juicer for $4.00 (only juices carrots well, but that's o.k. for now - until I get my Champion juicer)

Picking and enjoying the fresh fruits of the season - YUMMY Rainier Cherries in our nephews back yard.

Swinging in the hammock

Hope you are also having a restful Summer enjoying each new day for what it has to offer. Every good and perfect gift is from the Lord.

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