August 13, 2008


Mom : "Hey girls where is your brother?"

Girls in unison: "I don't know"

Mom: "Nooooaaaah! Come and eat breeeeeakfast!"

There was no answer. Mom started to wonder...Noah never misses a meal and he always Runs...we're talking herd of elephants RUNS to breakfast. The girls started calling out. "Nooooaaah!" and looking around. Little Naomi - our mother hen - started to worry. "Where is he?!" Upstairs, downstairs, under the sign of him.

I walked to the laundry room. Hmmm. The door to the basement is unlocked. I open the door and see the door to the back yard is cracked open. Cold air is coming in the house. Oh my gosh. It is only 6:45 in the morning...did anyone go out?, I didn't go out...Dear Lord

My mind instantly races...did someone get in and take my baby?

Morning adventures..."I was just going to get a bear, mom."


  1. Little men, aren't they the best? I'm so thankful to be a mom to two boys. Growing up with 4 younger brothers I just could not appreciate the male species until I had a couple of my own. Ü

  2. Yeah, but now that he has learned how to go outside on his own to BE THE MAN...he keeps sneaking out. We'll have to set some rules up or I might worry myself sick. We had a thief jump our fence and run through our backyard to get away from the cops just a few weeks ago.


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