August 19, 2008

Homeschool in the Northwest

These are some delightful books we have read about berry picking. But you can't just read about berry picking...especially here in the Northwest.

'plink, plink' went the blueberries into Naomi's bucket
Mr. Santos could not be pulled away from those bushes :)
Can I make a pie now Mom?
The clan right before a thunderstorm rolled in. Time to stop picking! AAAAWWW Mom!
We brought home some sweet smelling lavender too!


  1. Very nice! How is the jam making coming along? I have everything you need supply wise if you need to borrow it.

  2. everytime i come back to your blog i just can't help and get this warm feeling in my heart about your family. i never met you guys, but i love you and wish you all the best and thick blessings from our might Lord.

    1. Thank you dear Anonymous for your encouraging comment. We do have a mighty Lord and we appreciate any prayers from anyone - we need them!

      God bless you today and always.


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