June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

We celebrated our Mr. Santos yesterday with an outing to the beach. The kids sang "Happy Fathers Day To You" and recited their list of thankful things to their daddy. Naomi was thankful that Daddy always tickled her. Sophia was thankful that Daddy took her to special places. Noah was thankful that Daddy wrestles with him. They all said that they were thankful dad works so hard to take care of us. I was proud of them. It was really a pleasant time. I think Mr. Santos must have been in need of some ego boosting and loving because he lavished back on us a bunch of laughs and good times. Maybe honoring dad should be a more regular thing around the Santos household.

Nothing pleases Mr. Santos more than a nice bonfire.

Even though the sun was still high, it was actually after 7:30 p.m.

I personally want to thank all the "fathers" in my life...my uncles and my Don. You have been there with hugs and money and rides and teaching me how to drive, how to be hospitable and how to play cards. :) My life has really been enriched and blessed because of you. I love you and Happy Fathers Day.

Mrs. Santos


  1. Hey! I sent you guys a link to a great music video for Luis. Thought you might like it in honor of father's day. Love ya.


  2. Nice pictures! I like to see your smiling faces...miss ya :o)

  3. We loved the music video! Thank you! Noah especially, he danced and said "that was a nice song momma!"


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